Dental Ring
Just give your dog the dental ring and watch them brush their teeth


It’s difficult to provide your dog with proper dental care. However, regular cleaning will help these symptoms from occurring. The good news is, whether your dog already has bad breath, plaque, tartar or you just want to take preventative measures, Omega Paw has the solution for you.

Omega Paw Solutions has developed an innovative and unique teeth cleaning device for your dog. The DENTAL RING™ has many layers of polishing paper that removes plaque, tartar and stain build-up. Let your dog brush its own teeth for a professional clean with the DENTAL RING™.


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How to use


A Dental Ring™ is a combination of tooth paste and “toothbrush” all in one. Each Dental Ring™ is made up of many polishing paper layers that brush your dog’s teeth as they chew. Simply give your dog a Dental Ring™ and watch them brush their own teeth. Dental Rings™ are very effective at cleaning dog’s teeth so please look at your dog’s teeth before and after to notice the difference.

DIRECTIONS: Give a Dental Ring™ to your Dog. Let them chew on the Dental Ring™ for approximately 15 minutes then take the Dental Ring away from your dog and dispose. If any small bits are ripped off the Dental Ring™ while the dog chews remove them immediately and dispose.
WARNING: Supervise your dog at all times. The Dental Ring™ has a paper core and is NOT TO BE CONSUMED. The Dental Ring™ is NOT A TREAT or a chew toy, it is a cleaning device.
Use once a week or as often as necessary to clean your dog's teeth.